How to write SEO friendly article

How to write SEO friendly article

Likewise with all composition, composing blog entries requires expertise. To keep your readers intrigued, you should consider the structure of your piece and write engaging articles. On the off chance that individuals like and comprehend an article, they will be substantially more slanted to share it with other people – and that will expand your rankings. Along these lines, if you need to improve your rankings, improve your composing aptitudes. Start with these tips on How to write SEO friendly article!

1. To choose the main keyword for which you want your article ranked

For example, if we choose our main primary keyword as “Best Mobile Phones in India” Firstly, we’ll go back to our WordPress dashboard; we’ll add a new article. Then we’ll add the title as the main keyword, which is “Best Mobile Phones in India”. Now, add the “best mobile phones in India” in the Yoast SEO plugin and whatever we write here, like… right now the month is April 2019. Let’s say If we exceed the title to “Top 10 Mobile Phones in India (April 2019) – Review and Comparison”. Then the title might be “best Mobile Phones in India”, this is only for your blog. But the title here is the titles which will be shown on the Google search results. Then make sure it is green down there. If it goes red, then that’ll mean the length of the title is higher than what is allowed.

2. To have your main keyword in the URL as well

Next step is to put your main keyword in the URL as well and it should not include anything other than the keyword. Also, you need to be careful with the length of your URL as it should be shorten and only includes words important and needed. A basic URL should consist of approximately 3-5 words.

3. Catchy Meta title

This is a very important step of Yoast SEO, Why? Well, for example if your title is “Best Mobile Phones in India”

And we change it to “Top 10 Mobile Phones in India (2020)” So this attracts the attention of buyers who are looking for latest and phones.

4. Focusing on your Meta Description

Now after adding the Meta title, main keyword and URL we eventually reach on our Meta description. Meta description should be catchy and interesting which might want the readers to click on the article. Also, you need to be careful with the length of the Meta Description as there is a limit of characters (155-160) that can be put into the Meta description.

5. Research Process

Now, let’s come- now let’s check our competitors. What kind of content they are writing. Search your main keyword and look at different articles that come at the top 5 people who are ranking for your target keyword.

So this is the research process. Whenever, you are thinking of writing a SEO-friendly article that definitely doesn’t mean that you’ll just think of an article and then write it out of nowhere by yourself. The truth is that you will have to research first, by looking at other blogs and observing their work. The ultimate goal of writing an SEO-friendly article is writing an article that is 10times better than all your competitions. So we’ll try to find troubles in each of the related articles, and try to write a better article than that. For example: Finding a little table of contents which is good for navigation purpose. There are various websites that can help you with writing the article (

6. Make your article look attractive

Now the main question that arises in our mind is that how can we make our article look attractive, well for that firstly, start with adding High quality, Attractive images. You should also keep in mind to compress your desired images before uploading them in the article. There are different websites which may help you in compressing your images (Compressjpeg).

Secondly, learn to write small paragraphs instead of long lengthy ones as they might become hard for the readers to read. So, it is advised to use small paragraphs for better results.

7. Main keyword in Intro

One thing that you pay attention is that if the main keyword is in the intro. That is should be in the first 100 words of your article. This can help in the SEO of the website. Also, you should try to put up to 3,000 words in your article because the competition is increasing day-by-day, so if you really want to rank, you need to write an article, which is very comprehensive, which contains all the information that the person is looking for and then you have to look at the intent of the person. If the content is good and attractive then the reader will be spending more time in your website and this gives the indication to Google, okay, this article is perfect.


Here were some tips on How to write seo friendly article, I hope this article helped you understand and solve the question “How to write seo friendly article” These days, quality written articles are the final deciding factor. Furthermore, great substance likewise prompts more connections, offers, tweets and returning visitors to your site. Obviously, there are consistently different things you can do to boost the SEO amicability of your post, however the main thing is to simply write, and great posts!

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