Web developer and web designer both are the main part of the website. To create a professional, unique, attractive and different website, both persons are necessary. But everybody gets confused in both terms because both sound similar. But there is a huge difference between web developer and web designer. One person is not perfect in every field. So, in this article we will tell you the difference in both of them which will be very helpful for your website.

What is a web developer? 

Web developer is a base of the website and web designer is the building of the website. Web developers build the website framework using the software and different languages like java, CSS as well as HTML, etc. The job of the web developer is that they  create a logical, functional website by using various programmes. They spend a lot of time on fixing bugs and testing.

What is a web designer?

On the other hand, a web designer is a person who makes your website attractive to all. They focus on the style and overall look of the website using different software like photoshop to customize website element visuals. They also create designs by using different languages like HTML, CSS, etc. The visualization of your website totally depends on the web designer. They design your website according to you.

What tools do web designers and developers use?

Web developers use languages like HTML, JAVA, CSS, and many more to create a website and other applications. They use different softwares like text editors, command line interface as well as version control to build up the code that will present the data. 

Web designers make the website aesthetically and user friendly for the website visitors. They use different software like Adobe photoshop, illustrator as well as inkscape.

What kind of salaries does a web designer and web developer expect?

Everyone thinks that their salaries are similar to both but that’s not right. However, they get salaries according to their qualification and experience. 

In India they get salaries approx. 1,26,912 Rs. 

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