Today in this post image What is Submission? Why is it important for seo? What are the benefits of image submission? The are the best free images submissions sites ?

What is image submission?

Image submission is a technique of an off page seo. In this, you have to share related images from your website blog in submission sites. When you share your images in these high domain authority image submission sites, you will also get good traffic for your blog website with high-quality back link.

Example – Like when we do some search in Google, then the image containing a lot of images related to that topic shows, all those images are used in some website if you click on any of them. If you do, then you will go to the website which will use that image in your site or will be sharing the image in a site, and most of the top shows the images of high domain authority site. So you can also bring traffic to the site by submitting free emails in sites with high rankings.

What are the benefits of submitting an image?

There are lots of image submission benefits such as

  • Image submission increases the search ranking of your website blog.
  • Search engines know your website easily.
  • This gives quality backlink to your website blot.
  • Traffic on your website blog is increased

How to image submission ?

Submitting images is very uncommon, for image submission first you have to signup image submission sites e from your Gmail account, after signup you can share the email. So In image submission, you have to enter unique and high quality images, titles, pictures and tags.

You will need all these things in all images submission sites, so you write them all in a notepad or word, after that you share them in all image submission sites for once.

While submitting images, you have to keep in mind some issues.

  • Whatever image you share, use the same title, tags related to the same image.
  • Write the description well and also include your post page url in the description
  • Add your main keyword to the title, description.

15 image submission sites list


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