Twitter is a most powerful social media networking tool. Here, you can find every kind of information easily. Twitter is mostly used by celebrities, business men to gain popularity. You can also inform people about your business on twitter by the twitter marketing service. Now, you think that how can we use twitter for our business so here I will tell you about twitter marketing service. What is twitter marketing service? How can you use it? What are the benefits of twitter marketing and many more.

What is twitter marketing

Twitter is that tool by which most of the companies reach to new customers, promote their brand and connect to other high profile companies. This allows you to find customers according to your business who are related to your business and who are interested in your brand product. You can also share photos and videos of your product and live video of your business on twitter through this you can connect to more customers similar to facebook and instagram marketing service.

How to use Twitter on Business

1. Customize and brand your Profile

Whenever you create your company’s twitter profile then you always want that they automatically know that it’s your profile. So, to make it identifiable you have to do some basic things like logo, colour, company description and any other memorable things of your company. There are few things in which you can create and customize your profile-   

  • Handle
  • Header
  • Profile picture
  • Bio
  • Website URL
  • Birthday

2. Create Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are more useful for your account. Because if you want to follow some specific accounts then you can create different groups like business aspiration, competitor, target audience. By the help of this you are able to easily review their posts, interaction, etc. 

3. Host a twitter chat

You can also host a twitter chat. By the help of this, you can easily chat with your followers, share information with them, etc. To host a twitter chat, So you will have to choose a topic, a particular time, create a hashtag for the chat. You can also share the information with your followers, tweet with them, share it in your bio and anywhere else.

4. Advertise on Twitter

Advertise on twitter is similar to advert on Facebook, instagram to reach your audience or customers. So It is the great way through which you can easily tweet with your customers and connect with more followers.

5. Drive Traffic to your Website

Twitter also drives more traffic to your website by including your website URL as well as your blog or pages URL in your profile. 

6. Get verified on twitter

The most important step for twitter account is to get verified your account. If your twitter account is verified then there is a blue checkmark near to your handle. This is the symbol of account verification.

7. Focus on building your followers count

To improve your brand and get the most traffic on your website then the more twitter followers, more people to interact with your content.