Email marketing is one of the important tools of the Search engine optimization service in Saharanpur. Email marketing is the process by which you can promote your business products and services. By the help of email marketing, you can inform your customers and clients about their new product, service, discount as well as offers. 

Email marketing is a segment of internet marketing which helps online marketing through websites, social media, blogs as well as other site. It is also a kind of sharing a general message to their customers on the company’s behalf. 

In this article we will discuss what is Email marketing? Why is it necessary? What are the steps of Email marketing and many more. 

Why do we use Email marketing?

Email marketing is the best way to communicate officially with your customers and clients. There are so many reasons behind it, some of them are-

1. Email is the 1 communication channel:

At today’s time, Email has become a small part of a business man’s life. 99% of the consumers check their mails on a daily basis. That’s why email is the best way to communicate with their customers and clients. 

2. You own your list:

Email marketing has also one benefit that you can create your email list as well as no one can delete it without your permission. 

3. Cost:

Email marketing is one of the cheapest tools to communicate in the whole world without paying too much. You can do email marketing of your website by your own or email marketing agency that is also a cheapest way to communicate rather than other sources.

4. Email just converts better:

At today’s time, everybody wants to buy a product online and email is the best way to sell or buy online rather than other social media. However, email is a trustworthy site other than social media.

How to do Email marketing?

There are mainly four steps of email marketing. They are-

  1. Choose an email service
  2. Collect a mailing list
  3. Create your email marketing campaign
  4. Analyze the effectiveness of your email campaign

What are the benefits of Email marketing?

Email marketing is the best way of communication. Other than this there are a lot of benefits of email marketing. These are-

  1. Producing cost effective campaigns
  2. Looks professional
  3. Owing your media and contact lists
  4. Easy to get started
  5. Build targeted credibility
  6. Reach people on any device
  7. Unrivalled return on investment
  8. Creating personalized content
  9. Improving sales
  10. Generating traffic to your site
  11. Strengthen customer relationship
  12. Promote services
  13. Optimize your time and budget
  14. Providing more value to your audience

What are the charges of Email marketing?

Email marketing is important for your website. It is a part of SEO. However, email marketing is done by email marketing agencies and they have a charge for the this service. Therefore, the other companies charge so much for their email marketing service is approx 300$ – 500$ per month.

But the digital service provides you this service at a very low cost and in a better way. So. the charges of our company for this service is 10000 Rs. (137$) per month.

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